Midtherm are now a specialised dealer of Exodraft fans

21 Jan 2020

Midtherm are now a specialised dealer of Exodraft fans

Midtherm are now recognised as a specialised dealer of Exodraft chimney fans, controls and accessories.


An insufficient chimney draught can result in poor combustion and thus a less efficient fuel utilization. With a chimney fan solution from exodraft, you can control the chimney draught with precision and thus avoid problems regardless of the season, wind and weather. Exodraft chimney fan solutions are the only system on the market that is GASTEC approved, which gives you a guaranteed high safety level. All exodraft chimney fan systems come with a two year factory warranty and they can be returned within six months of delivery.


The chimney draught is likely insufficient if smoke emerges from the stove/fireplace. If you own a well isolated house, especially with a cooker hood or ventilation system, the chimney draught can become too weak. Another reason for smoke escaping the stove/fireplace is disproportion between the size of the stove/fireplace and the size of the chimney. It is important to know that natural draught can vary in accordance with the yearly outside temperature, and that it is influenced by the weather.


Factors such as the chimney height in relation to large buildings or similar structures in the vicinity can also influence the natural draught in a negative way. In some cases, it can create downdraught that may result in smoke spilling into the room.


With a chimney fan system from exodraft you get control over the draught in your chimney. The chimney fan is mounted at the top of the chimney, where it creates negative pressure, ensuring that flue gasses are pulled up through the chimney instead of out into your inside space.

Using the associated controller, you can regulate the chimney draught as needed, so you can enjoy a fire in your fireplace or in your woodburning stove with no annoying issues.


Installing a chimney fan is a simple procedure offered by your nearest fireplace/stove showroom or HETAS registered installer.

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