Spring 2019 News and Flues

16 Apr 2019

Spring 2019 News and Flues

Welcome to the 19th issue of News and Flues! We have been busy preparing for exciting things to come including our new online ordering app! The product and development team have been busy enhancing products as well as introducing new products, some you will see throughout the newsletter!


By customer request, we now stock Twin Wall - Flex adaptors! Fitting either our HT-S or TW LTC to Midflex with an easy fit one piece connection; complete with a twist fit end.


A Draftbooster chimney fan is an electrical fan. Installed on the chimney, it ensures that the wood-burning stove gets enough air to burn cleanly all day long without problems. The Draftbooster fan creates negative pressure in the chimney, eliminating the problems customers may encounter when burning solid fuel.


An extended lateral support for flue pipes to walls or other surfaces; designed to help support the flue around a soffit. The Heavy Duty Wall Band eliminates the need to use elbows; 50 - 300mm or 200 - 450mm adjustments are available.


We will be closed on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd April. Happy Easter!






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