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Ancillary Components - Summary

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Flashings, Supports and other Accessories.

Universal Flashings and Support components, Please note all sizes suit outer diameters of flue, (for 150mm hts use 200mm).

  • Maximum operating temperature 0 deg C

  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty for all products installed and maintained in accordance with the installation and usage notes.

Ancillary Components is suitable for use on the following applications:

Ancillary Components Description:

  • A range of ancillary components to suit all installations.

Ancillary Components Installation and Usage Notes

All flue system installations, i.e. oil, gas, solid and multi fuel, should be carried out by a suitably qualified installer or Building Control Department permission must be granted.


For detailed installation guidelines please refer to:

  • The relevant Technical Information and Installation Instructions
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning Office
  • Appliance Manufacturers Operating and Maintenance Instructions
  • Relevant British Standards




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