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Lead Slates - Summary

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Lead Roof Flashings.

Weather proofing lead roof flashing slates.

  • Available in sizes from 100 to 350  mm
  • Stocked in sizes from 125 to 302  mm
  • Standard finish is: Lead

  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty for all products installed and maintained in accordance with the installation and usage notes.

Lead Slates is suitable for use on the following applications:

Lead Slates Description:

  • Midtherm produce a wide range of lead flashings manufactured from 4lb lead. Lead slates to suit flat, 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree pitched roofs from 4 inch to 12 inch can be ordered ex-stock. Specials, including large diameters, peak flashings and any other degree pitch are available on request.

  • Lead slates should be ordered at the outside flue diameter. The manufactured item will allow for clearance between the lead slate and the outside diameter of the flue pipe.

Lead Slates Installation and Usage Notes

All flue system installations, i.e. oil, gas, solid and multi fuel, should be carried out by a suitably qualified installer or Building Control Department permission must be granted.


For detailed installation guidelines please refer to:

  • The relevant Technical Information and Installation Instructions
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning Office
  • Appliance Manufacturers Operating and Maintenance Instructions
  • Relevant British Standards




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