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Midflex 316 - Summary

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Class 1 Flexible Chimney Liner.

Twin Wall Multifuel Flexible Liner in 316 grade stainless steel.

  • Available in sizes from 125 to 200  mm
  • Stocked in sizes from 125 to 200  mm
  • Maximum operating temperature 600 deg C
  • Standard finish is: 316 stainless finish
  • Supplied Fully bubble wrapped and labelled

  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty for all products installed and maintained in accordance with the installation and usage notes.

Midtherm Flue Systems Limited offer an extended 20 year warranty for Midflex 316 for registered systems installed and maintained in accordance with the guidelines in our extended warranty scheme.

Midflex 316 is suitable for use on the following applications:

Midflex 316 Description:

  • Midtherm Midflex 316L is a twin wall flexible liner made from 316L grade stainless steel and produced to the highest standards. The Midflex 316L has good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.

  • Where a lower temperature/slumbering operation may be encountered our Midflex 904L product should be used as this grade of stainless steel provides better corrosion resistance to condensation.

  • 904L is recommended for use with relatively high sulphur content fuel, such as processed coal products (smokeless fuels).

Midflex 316 Installation and Usage Notes

All flue system installations, i.e. oil, gas, solid and multi fuel, should be carried out by a suitably qualified installer or Building Control Department permission must be granted.


For detailed installation guidelines please refer to:

  • The relevant Technical Information and Installation Instructions
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning Office
  • Appliance Manufacturers Operating and Maintenance Instructions
  • Relevant British Standards




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