Quality Assurance
ISO 9001

Quality Assurance
Midtherm Quality Assurance

ISO 9001

Midtherm Flue Systems Limited manufactures and supplies a range of standard and non-standard flue and chimney products, and gas radiant heater spares consistent with related specifications and operations requirements, appropriate safety and reliability standards, providing a quality and service life which meets or exceeds customer expectations.


Any recognized and accepted external or internal standards, specifications and policies, laid down to ensure consistent quality, will be adhered to.


The Quality Management System currently in operation is designed and monitored in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and covers all the clauses of the standard.


The procedures described in the Quality Management System show the organization's commitment to the efficient management of the quality system and therefore to the assurance of continual improvement in both product and quality system and it is our policy to stimulate and encourage interest and pride in work undertaken. To ensure that the Quality System continues to function as intended and achieve the organization's objectives, periodic quality audits are carried out under the guidance of the Quality Supervisor, checking that we are working together with our customers and suppliers and training employees.


A thorough management review meeting is held each year to determine the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system; it's objectives and the business as a whole; and to finalise plans and define quality objectives for the next year.
Plans and objectives set by the Quality Management Review Committee are assessed and reviewed on a regular basis.



Iso 9001 Quality Assurance




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